Monday, January 18, 2010

UPDATE: on the home organization in the kitchen

Just a quick update..  I did pull everything out of my worst cup board.. it is this huge one and it had all my pots and pans and containers.  it was risky going in there.. LOL...Often it all falls out at ya if you open the door. 

So I took everything.. and put it out to see.. I was not even sure what all was in there.  Scary but the truth.
So I stacked the mixing bowls and that was that..  I had a few older pots that I still use so I stacked them.
The big problem was all the containers..  The tupperware and Gladware.  and when I took an inventory of what I had I was surprised to find that I had TONS of lids but not many containers.. and when I matched up the containers with lids.. I threw the rest away and that got rid of 1/3 of the extra crap. 
It looks great and I was surprised that it really did not take that long.   ...  So its your turn :-)
It wont take that long... and when its done it looks great and feels even better. 

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