Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's an experiment

I am excited to try a strict whole 30 cleanse. I am loving my education at IIN I am amazed with what I am learning. And it is time for me to dial it in. I am hoping to stick with it. And use this blog as a place to journal my progress. To sum up bits of my story. I have had a weakness for sweets. And that has been my silent but deadly nemesis. Thats a bit dramatic. But I tell ya. If I start snacking holy hell it's hard to stop. Then I feel riddled with guilt. I should know better! I have been reading a book. "It starts with food". Google it and go get it! It explains cravings, what we need to eat and the science of it all. I will write another post about the book soon. Back to my story. So what is the goal ...... To be Sugar/ grain/ dairy free for 30 days. I will get on the scale and take a few measurements. So I can track if anything changes. Hope to get that done tonight. I am excited. My wonderful husband is going to do this experiment with me. Things I am going to do Drink lots of water Exercise 30 min every day Fermented food/ Kambucha tea daily Green Pastures FCLO daily Lots of green veggies I am very excited about putting the highest nutrient dense foods into by body. I want to honor my temple my body. It deserves great quality food. Stay tuned. Will post tomorrow ....

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I ran my first race! Never thought I would run a race...

Now granted it was only a 7K and not even a half marathon.  but still a 7K is the longest distance I have ran at one time.  You can read a bit more about it here .    I used to hate running.  I am not a tiny thing and running used to feel jarring on my body.   My "girls" would bounce everywhere.  My lungs would burn.   but I gotta say....  learning how to run with good form and efficiently makes all the difference in the world.    Have you heard of POSE running?   check it out!  its amazing, my body does not feel that jarring impact and with a great sports bra my "girls" are feeling better too. 
I was not sure what shoes to get as there are TONS of different styles of running shoes, So I went with a brand that Pose site and other crossfitters recommended....  Inov8's
Inov-8 Men's f-lite 230 Trail,Blue,9.5 Dthese shoes are awesome!   Super light, great for a regular Crossfit WOD as well.  With the minimal sole.   Oh I am in love with them!       I had a great race, got a new PR by 6+min!    cant wait to run again.     I highly recommend try new things reach for those goals. If you never try they will never happen and if you try you might even surprise yourself.     GROWING STRONGER!    It also helps to surround yourself with positive people,   I feel so BLESSED to have such awesome friends in my life!   YOU GUYS ROCK!   So whats next Half marathon, full marathon?.........

Saturday, February 5, 2011

No Sugar day 2-4 ...... HOLY CRAP WHAT WAS I THINKING !!!!

Seriously....  I have been wondering every day,  WHY am I DOING THIS?   I don't have too...
The real challenge is being out and about...  running errands, going to Sams Club or the grocery store or even the gas station.  There is TONS of "snack crap" everywhere you look! 

So this morning, I was laying in bed talking to my husband and myself about this whole experiment.  Saturdays are often a cheat day, and I LOVE chocolate croissants or any pastry.  And man , I wanted something bad this morning.   As I was laying there asking my self if I really wanted it..  and YES, I really did want it!  They taste so good.  but then my next thought was that, I really dont like how my body feels after I eat them..Its true, that queasy stomach blah feeling.  My next thought was... but, its my routine..  it's what I do on Saturdays..   then I thought holy crap..  Am I going to give in to my whims because Its my habbit??????   Am I that weak that my habbits dictate what I am going to do...  SHIT, I did not like that thought at all! 

So my Hubs and I were clarifying what I am doing and why...  SO this is my list of what and why.

  • I want to eliminate foods that are simple sugars that dont offer any nutritional value(candy pastries, cookies and the like) this also means no more Carmel High rises from my favorite coffee shop.  (God, Help me!)
  • I want to eat a strict Paleo diet: Lean Meat, veggies, good fats (I am not going to eat much fruit as they are high in fruitose - they will be my occasional treat)

  • to detox my body of simple sugars
  • to truly eat Paleo for 30 days 
  • and see how my body feels, looks, performs

I have to say,  that I had a bit of a melt down, real craving some "snack crap".  But I am REALLY happy and proud that I did not cave in.   I had a wonderful breakfast of sausage, eggs, red peppers and a little bacon.  and it was DELISH   this is similar to what I had for breakfast 
I feel great!  Clear headed and full...  it was a tasty meal that was TOTALLY PALEO and sugar free!

Some of the adjustments that I will be making...  instead of my Carmel Highrise I will be having black coffee with almond milk and cinnamon.   and that is VERY tasty.  
For my treats I will have fruit and if I need a chocolate fix I will have a lara barLarabar Jocalat, Chocolate, 1.7-Ounce Bars (Pack of 16)
I feel empowered and excited that I have a plan to survive and thrive this experiment.      3..2..1.GO!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 1 of my 30+ SUGAR FREE days.

So I have been learning and "dieting" for years. Looking for that perfect formula for me. I do believe I have found it. And it's eating Paleo. A Paleo diet is eating lean meat, veggies, fruit, nuts and that's it. NO dairy. NO grains. NO pasta. NO rice.   
A Really Great book about this is called PALEO SOULTIONS
The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet

by Robb Wolf

And I have to say, I feel real good when I eat this way. No emotional roller coaster in the afternoon. I have great energy and stamina. But on wheekends my husband and I often have a cheat meal or day. So I have decided to go at least 30 days without a cheat meal. I want to see how lean my body gets, what my energy levels are like and who knows what other benefits their might be.

So today was day 1: and it's going great. I was out running errands and had to stop and get gas. I was a little tempted to get a doughnut as they are one of my favorite treats and heck who would know if I did. Well, I would! So no sugar treats today.
I needed new work pants as my size 12 where falling off me. Literally. I have not done much shopping and quite honestly. I hated those moments when you saw a cute pair of pants grab them to try on. But when you are in that cold little room trying them on. And you can't pull the pant leg up your thigh because these are slim or skinny fit. Oh that is the worst feeling ever. so today when I grabbed the pants I liked I grab a few sizes. As I was unsure what my size was. The size 10 was loose on me so I grabbed the size 8 and those were a little loose too. So I grabbed the 6! And I got them on!!! Not it's a little tight but I know I will lean out and they will fit !!! Holy moly I never thought the day would actually come again. I am doing it! Shedding that excess weight that felt miserable and unable to do the things I wanted to. And I did it by eating Paleo and doing Crossfit. Growing stronger. And loving it.
I will add a couple pictures as soon as I can. I also will track my weight and body fat % Gotta start somewhere :)

Breakfast: left over chicken veggie soup
Snack: beef jerky and Lara bar
Lunch: corned beef and spinach salad
Diner: steak with mixed greens red bell peppers cucumbers and avocado

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It is a journey

It's been a while since I posted. And I have mixed Feelings about that, I can't believe how fast time has flown by. I had gotten pretty distracted by some other areas and realized that
I missed my blog. It can be very intimidating Writing a blog, what will people think? Will they Like what I say?, is anyone reading this? But today, I dont care. I am writing my journey Of discovering my optimal fitness potential.

What does that mean?? Some days I am not sure, ToDAY, I do know. It mean what I eat is my fuel For my body, my health, my ability to cope with everything I have and need to do. And when I Eat real, natural foods(Paleo) Meat, veggies, Fats. I feel more Prepared to handle life. When I fall off the Paleo Wagon, I am more moody and have less tollerance and less strength. So this chick is riding that Paleo wagon :)

It also means using my body working out physical using my muscles, increasing my heart rate becoming stronger. Moving faster. Moving more. I also think having great friends who support you in reaching your goals. Is vital to achieving them. Last, taking the time to rest and recover. That can be one of the hardest. Our society leads us to believe we must work harder and more and faster to get where we want to be. But personally I feel like that plan will eventually fail

Having, good food, exercise, great support and getting rest. That is my formula.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Greatest FOOD book is NOW available!

The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet 

I am SO EXCITED!   The guy who wrote this book is SO SMART! 
Besides being so intelligent he has a way to explain 
things in very simple ways. 
So you don't have to be super science guy to 
understand how and why this great way of eating works.


I would love to hear what books has inspired your improved 
health, diet, and/or fitness.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

If I had to take one supplement.. It would be Fish oil

It does not sound that tasty..  but I really think that this stuff is a super supplement. 

I first heard about it when my husband and I went to Vancouver to spend time with some other trainers. We met this awesome woman, Kelly Frankson She is an amazing athlete and Olympic lifter.  

She also knows so much about nutrition and how what we eat makes such a difference in our performance in life and during our fitness training.  

So Some of the things I learned about Fish oil...  
  • It is rich in Omega 3
  • is a healthy fat.. and our body needs good fat. (we even need it to loose weight - if that's a goal of yours)
  • it helps reduce inflammation and recover from workouts  
Here is a great blog that has a great article by Ryan Andrews all about the science and benefits of Fish oil.   I hope to learn all this better so that I can say it as eloquently as these smart people.. but in the mean time I am SO THANKFUL that they are out there.