Saturday, February 5, 2011

No Sugar day 2-4 ...... HOLY CRAP WHAT WAS I THINKING !!!!

Seriously....  I have been wondering every day,  WHY am I DOING THIS?   I don't have too...
The real challenge is being out and about...  running errands, going to Sams Club or the grocery store or even the gas station.  There is TONS of "snack crap" everywhere you look! 

So this morning, I was laying in bed talking to my husband and myself about this whole experiment.  Saturdays are often a cheat day, and I LOVE chocolate croissants or any pastry.  And man , I wanted something bad this morning.   As I was laying there asking my self if I really wanted it..  and YES, I really did want it!  They taste so good.  but then my next thought was that, I really dont like how my body feels after I eat them..Its true, that queasy stomach blah feeling.  My next thought was... but, its my routine..  it's what I do on Saturdays..   then I thought holy crap..  Am I going to give in to my whims because Its my habbit??????   Am I that weak that my habbits dictate what I am going to do...  SHIT, I did not like that thought at all! 

So my Hubs and I were clarifying what I am doing and why...  SO this is my list of what and why.

  • I want to eliminate foods that are simple sugars that dont offer any nutritional value(candy pastries, cookies and the like) this also means no more Carmel High rises from my favorite coffee shop.  (God, Help me!)
  • I want to eat a strict Paleo diet: Lean Meat, veggies, good fats (I am not going to eat much fruit as they are high in fruitose - they will be my occasional treat)

  • to detox my body of simple sugars
  • to truly eat Paleo for 30 days 
  • and see how my body feels, looks, performs

I have to say,  that I had a bit of a melt down, real craving some "snack crap".  But I am REALLY happy and proud that I did not cave in.   I had a wonderful breakfast of sausage, eggs, red peppers and a little bacon.  and it was DELISH   this is similar to what I had for breakfast 
I feel great!  Clear headed and full...  it was a tasty meal that was TOTALLY PALEO and sugar free!

Some of the adjustments that I will be making...  instead of my Carmel Highrise I will be having black coffee with almond milk and cinnamon.   and that is VERY tasty.  
For my treats I will have fruit and if I need a chocolate fix I will have a lara barLarabar Jocalat, Chocolate, 1.7-Ounce Bars (Pack of 16)
I feel empowered and excited that I have a plan to survive and thrive this experiment.      3..2..1.GO!

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