Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 1 of my 30+ SUGAR FREE days.

So I have been learning and "dieting" for years. Looking for that perfect formula for me. I do believe I have found it. And it's eating Paleo. A Paleo diet is eating lean meat, veggies, fruit, nuts and that's it. NO dairy. NO grains. NO pasta. NO rice.   
A Really Great book about this is called PALEO SOULTIONS
The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet

by Robb Wolf

And I have to say, I feel real good when I eat this way. No emotional roller coaster in the afternoon. I have great energy and stamina. But on wheekends my husband and I often have a cheat meal or day. So I have decided to go at least 30 days without a cheat meal. I want to see how lean my body gets, what my energy levels are like and who knows what other benefits their might be.

So today was day 1: and it's going great. I was out running errands and had to stop and get gas. I was a little tempted to get a doughnut as they are one of my favorite treats and heck who would know if I did. Well, I would! So no sugar treats today.
I needed new work pants as my size 12 where falling off me. Literally. I have not done much shopping and quite honestly. I hated those moments when you saw a cute pair of pants grab them to try on. But when you are in that cold little room trying them on. And you can't pull the pant leg up your thigh because these are slim or skinny fit. Oh that is the worst feeling ever. so today when I grabbed the pants I liked I grab a few sizes. As I was unsure what my size was. The size 10 was loose on me so I grabbed the size 8 and those were a little loose too. So I grabbed the 6! And I got them on!!! Not it's a little tight but I know I will lean out and they will fit !!! Holy moly I never thought the day would actually come again. I am doing it! Shedding that excess weight that felt miserable and unable to do the things I wanted to. And I did it by eating Paleo and doing Crossfit. Growing stronger. And loving it.
I will add a couple pictures as soon as I can. I also will track my weight and body fat % Gotta start somewhere :)

Breakfast: left over chicken veggie soup
Snack: beef jerky and Lara bar
Lunch: corned beef and spinach salad
Diner: steak with mixed greens red bell peppers cucumbers and avocado

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