Sunday, March 20, 2011

I ran my first race! Never thought I would run a race...

Now granted it was only a 7K and not even a half marathon.  but still a 7K is the longest distance I have ran at one time.  You can read a bit more about it here .    I used to hate running.  I am not a tiny thing and running used to feel jarring on my body.   My "girls" would bounce everywhere.  My lungs would burn.   but I gotta say....  learning how to run with good form and efficiently makes all the difference in the world.    Have you heard of POSE running?   check it out!  its amazing, my body does not feel that jarring impact and with a great sports bra my "girls" are feeling better too. 
I was not sure what shoes to get as there are TONS of different styles of running shoes, So I went with a brand that Pose site and other crossfitters recommended....  Inov8's
Inov-8 Men's f-lite 230 Trail,Blue,9.5 Dthese shoes are awesome!   Super light, great for a regular Crossfit WOD as well.  With the minimal sole.   Oh I am in love with them!       I had a great race, got a new PR by 6+min!    cant wait to run again.     I highly recommend try new things reach for those goals. If you never try they will never happen and if you try you might even surprise yourself.     GROWING STRONGER!    It also helps to surround yourself with positive people,   I feel so BLESSED to have such awesome friends in my life!   YOU GUYS ROCK!   So whats next Half marathon, full marathon?.........

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