Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's an experiment

I am excited to try a strict whole 30 cleanse. I am loving my education at IIN I am amazed with what I am learning. And it is time for me to dial it in. I am hoping to stick with it. And use this blog as a place to journal my progress. To sum up bits of my story. I have had a weakness for sweets. And that has been my silent but deadly nemesis. Thats a bit dramatic. But I tell ya. If I start snacking holy hell it's hard to stop. Then I feel riddled with guilt. I should know better! I have been reading a book. "It starts with food". Google it and go get it! It explains cravings, what we need to eat and the science of it all. I will write another post about the book soon. Back to my story. So what is the goal ...... To be Sugar/ grain/ dairy free for 30 days. I will get on the scale and take a few measurements. So I can track if anything changes. Hope to get that done tonight. I am excited. My wonderful husband is going to do this experiment with me. Things I am going to do Drink lots of water Exercise 30 min every day Fermented food/ Kambucha tea daily Green Pastures FCLO daily Lots of green veggies I am very excited about putting the highest nutrient dense foods into by body. I want to honor my temple my body. It deserves great quality food. Stay tuned. Will post tomorrow ....

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