Sunday, January 17, 2010

Its a new year and time to organize my home.....

I don't know if it is because of the new year and people thinking of new year resolutions.  I am ready and
inspired to improve my home and self.  

One way I want to do that is to organize my  home..  get rid of clutter and the crap that has been collecting in my home, find organized and efficient ways to store and keep my things.
The place I want to start first is my kitchen...  my husband and I LOVE to cook.  We love cooking with delicious flavors and cooking taste healthy food.  I try to fallow a Paleo Diet.  Paleo is simple..  Meat.. Veggies.. fruit and some nuts.  That is NO measuring out portion sizes..  eating as much as you want...  Think about it..Who over eats on veggies?  There is no dairy or bread or pasta..  Lots of people have trouble with that.. but to be completely honest..  I have so much energy and I never have the moody afternoon crash or the late night cravings... So I have NO PROBLEM  saying good bye to those carbs and dairy. 

When I cook a meal the first thing I think about is what protein  do I want to cook.. Then what seasonings I want to use.. what kind of flavors I want to eat with that meat.  Then I plan the veggies and fruit to go with it..  Kind of like the accessories.  ;-)

Right now my seasoning are in two areas..  on my counter are the oils and large condiments..  and in the cup board are the dry herbs and dry seasonings.. in the cup board is a mess of different brands and sizes of containers.  I even have refills from the local market that come in baggies.. it can be messy trying to find what herbs I need.. Here is some great info about how to store herbs

Some products that I found that I  want to get to organize my cup boards.. These are great.. I can refill them and easily see how much I have left..  I know its good to store them in dark places.. but in a cup board and the door is shut its dark.  :-) 

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