Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I have fallen in love with our Concept2 Indoor Rower

This past summer my husband and I started working out more in our home and next thing we know our garage was turning into a gym..   One of the things we picked up are a couple of Concept2 indoor rowers.. I even made a squidoo lens about them.  If your curious check it out. Concept2 Rowers   Luke and I use them lots during the winter.. its a wonderful tool to help us on our way to our fitness goals.

They have this handy screen. It does the standard measures the time. Distance rowed.. calories burned..  It even has a game. my kids love it!  How fun is that.  My husband was telling me you can even hook it up to your computer and it can store info for you..  HOW COOL IS THAT!

the Concept2 Company is AMAZING! Concept2 they are friendly and professional..

  I always saw them at the gym or the community center.. but I never thought much of them .. Then I got on one!   You work EVERYTHING.. your whole body. Legs.. Arms. Core.. and it gets your heart pumping! Plus  its easy on the joints..  I don't like running.. and this to me is a GREAT substitute.

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