Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When what you want seems so far away..

It seems to me that many and maybe most people want
to to be health. And what that means  to each of us is different.   Some want to be able to complete an UltraMarathon
others just want to be in a small pant size.   
That is where I was!   I felt miserable in my body. 
I did not like sitting in a chair and feel the roll around my middle. 
I really did not like running with my son in the backyard
and feeling all that jiggle or being out of breathe so quickly. 

So I decided the desire to feel better or even try to feel better became more dominate than the desire to be sedentary or to grab that bag of chips and self medicate with unhealthy food.  my husband and I found  P90X Plus - Workout DVD  and starting doing something.   It was really great doing it together.  It was still very hard.  There was many days when I tried to talk Luke out of doing the workout, I was really tired or it was a bad day.  But thankfully one of us was driven enough to say, 

We starting having days were we felt our pants getting looser or feeling stronger. 
and that is great motivation to keep going..  we then found CrossFit
 and fell in LOVE!   these workouts average 7-20 min compared to P90X was 60-90 min a day. 

Being a busy mom and working and family stuff going on, hitting a workout within 30 min
 has much more appeal for me.  and interestingly enough
I was even getting more results. 
but I think that is because I did more workouts. 

I am getting a little away from my topic, and really
I just want to say. 
Look for your goals and dreams and even if they seem so far way you can get there! 

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