Saturday, June 12, 2010

Strive for your goals sometimes the road gets bumpy.

I have been thinking about my fitness goals.  We all have them. 
If you have had a baby, or you want to get married, you want to run a marathon, or you just want to do something that you have not done yet. Write a book..  I guess goals are not limited to physical.. but since that is my passion I am gonna focus more on that. 


Its hard to get up and go practice.. or keep to the diet..  
Sometimes, I don't wanna.  I want a cupcake or I want bacon!  
but when I have goals to eat clean, Paleo, that is NO SUGAR! well any cupcake that does not have sugar would be a better paperweight than cup cake..  so CRAP!  You have to keep choosing in your mind that the goals you want are bigger and more important than that quick gratification of that treat.. or skipping the workout!  
So if you have a slip up and you eat that cupcake or ditch the workout..   8-( 
    that does not feel good. but giving up will feel worse..  

so forgive your self have some grace and compassion.. 
and get your ASS to your next workout and give it 100%
because YOU CAN get to your goals. 
One step at a time! 

Today is a fitness rest day, (well I might go for a mile run) but that's it. My triceps are so sore and my right arm is so twitchy it is driving me nuts..  my hubby said what do you expect.. but still I want my cake and eat it too. I want to work out hard and have my body feel fine after. :-)   LOL
The past two days have been super hard and intense workouts.. 
Day two was 
15 rounds for time,  
one round of
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats
next round of
5 pull ups
10 dips
15 sit ups 
alternating each round

I am watching the World Cup soccer/football USA vs England match as I type this and it is very exciting.. 
I don't fallow this sport but I get that this only happens every four years and that this is the most popular sport in the whole world.  
It's kind of like the Olympics and more..  it seems like everyone has played soccer/football at some point in their life.. not everyone has participated in an Olympic sport.  I have to say..  
I LOVE watching people strive for their dreams..  weather it is to win the WORLD CUP  or to learn to do a pull up, run a mile, loose a couple pant sizes. 
 We need to keep striving for our goals.. 
I would LOVE to hear what your goals are and how it going.

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