Wednesday, March 10, 2010

MIA ... So SORRY..

Hello..  and I want to deeply apologize..    I am really liking this blogging and the connections you
can make is just amazing.  I am also very excited that my little Blog is apart of Foodie BlogRoll.

I have a great camera that I want to use for posting my pictures of the yummy foods I am making.

But now I have to learn how to have this camera talk to my computer..  So there is a bit of a learning
curve..  but I think I am getting it.

I am very excited to blog about some great things I made...
  • Meatloaf with peppers and spinach ...even my kids ate it!.. 
  • egg bake with salmon and green onions 
  • chicken stir fry

One of my intentions with this blog is to talk about TASTY HEALTHY food!!
that is EASY ON THE BUDGET!     SO PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT...  or a Question.. 

Healthy living! ~Malia

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